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Davinci Resolve 10 для начинающих (2014) Видеокурс 

Специалист. JavaScript. Уровень 3г. HTML5 API. Видеокурс (2015) 

Готовимся к школе: развиваем воображение и творческие способности!(mp4) 

Игра на гитаре для "чайников".(mp4) 

Видеокурс "Заработок в сети. От простого к сложному". 

Ricky Martin - A Quien Quiera Escuchar (2015) 

Yiruma - Stay In Memory (2012) 

Moreza - Crimson Moon (2011) 

Sad Piano Music Collective – Sad Music (2014) 

Sungha Jung - Monologue (2014) 

Приключения веселых мусоров (2 книги).

Числа Судьбы. Пифагорейская, индийская и китайская нумерология

Нэнси Дрю в 40 книгах

Кремлевская диета. 250 новых рецептов.

Джоанн Харрис ( Сборник книг )


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Книга написана на основе опыта обучения программированию на языке Scratch в кружке юных программистов и протестирована на сотне детей 7-12 лет. Материал рассчитан на самостоятельное, без помощи взрослых, изучение Scratch детьми, знакомыми с компьютером и умеющими пользоваться мышью, запускать программы, считать, умножать и делить. Рассказано, как скачать и установить Scratch, написать первую программу, мультфильм и игру.

Если вы начнете процесс приготовления вина или настойки в июне, то уже через пару месяцев сможете удивить своих близких и друзей ароматным малиновым вином или сливовой настойкой с персиками. В период осенней непогоды вы насладитесь ароматами лета, частичкой его тепла и хорошего настроения.

Written by an engineer at the leading edge of SiP design and implementation, this book demonstrates how to design SiPs using Mentor EE Flow. Key topics covered include wire bonding, die stacks, cavity, flip chip and RDL (redistribution layer), Embedded Passive, RF design, concurrent design, Xtreme design, 3D real-time DRC (design rule checking), and SiP manufacture. 

This book is the required text for ECE 3042 at Georgia Institute of Technology.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on End-User Development, IS-EUD 2017, held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in June 2017.

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Fast Software Encryption, held in Bochum, Germany, in March 2016. The 29 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 86 initial submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on operating modes; stream-cipher cryptanalysis; components; side-channels and implementations; automated tools for cryptanalysis; designs; block-cipher cryptanalysis; foundations and theory; and authenticated-encryption and hash function cryptanalysis.

Creative Design Engineering: Introduction to an Interdisciplinary Approach presents the latest information on a field that has traditionally been primarily concerned with how to make things. However, as technology has advanced, and we have no shortage of things, a new challenge for today’s engineers is what to make. In tackling this, our approaches to engineering design have come under the spotlight.

This book is a painstakingly crafted, expertly written, code-fueled, no-nonsense deep dive into HTML5 Canvas printed in full color with syntax-highlighted code listings throughout. 

Core HTML5 Canvas is written for experienced software developers with an intermediate-level understanding of JavaScript. 

Ments be thrown to the wind - in light of the fact that careful, precise, step-by-step deductive arguments will be presented below for each and every proposition that might be cavalierly regarded prima facie implausible. Key Theses So, to put it colloquially, I think we're headed toward real­ izing Blade Runner, a classic sci fi movie in which only an elaborate pupil-scanner (which detects the usual physiolog­ ical correlate to an emotional response to provocative ques­ tions) enables one to distinguish androids from humans. 

1000 More Graphic Elements is the follow-up to the extremely successful 1000 Graphic Elements, published in 2004. This edition features 1000 new unique graphic embellishments across all kinds of projects, from books to brochures, invitations to calendars to annual reports. It is often the smallest detail that can turn a project from ordinary to spectacular. Inspiration will be at your fingertips with examples of specialty processes such as diecutting and embossing, unique materials, fasteners, specialty inks, binders and more.

What better way to celebrate 50 years of book publishing than to celebrate the greatest things Maine has to offer. Following the popular trend in “bucket list” books, this experiential guide will help visitors and residents alike discover everything there is to do here. Taken all together, these experiences are enough to fill a life time.

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Wireless Internet, WICON 2014, held in Lisbon, Portugal, in November 2014. The 45 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers cover topics such as 5G mobile communications, Internet of Things (IoT), super Wi-Fi and V2V/V21.

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 7th EAI International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software, S-Cube 2016, held in Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France, in December 2016.
The 15 revised full papers and 5 invited papers cover technologies for wireless sensor networks, smart city and industry 4.0 applications, and smart sensing.

This book focuses on the latest advances in the field of nanomaterials synthesis and processes, and provides a comprehensive overview of the state of art of research in this rapidly developing field. The book is divided into 11 chapters on various aspects of nanomaterials, moving from the synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide to graphene quantum dots and other interesting nanomaterials. Some chapters based on theoretical simulation of nanomaterials and their properties and applications of nanomaterials have also presented in this book. Given the depth and breadth of coverage, the book offers a valuable guide for researchers and students working in the area of nanomaterials.