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Masala & Meatballs: Incredible Indian Dishes with an American Twist

Название: Masala & Meatballs: Incredible Indian Dishes with an American Twist
Автор: Asha Shivakumar
Издательство: Page Street Publishing
Год: 2018
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 70 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Indian cuisine is full of intense and exciting flavors that you’ll love, but can scare o the home cook...until now. Asha Shivakumar, who grew up in India before moving to the states, breaks that barrier with bold but approachable dishes that tow a delicious line between Indian and American food.

These aren’t fusion recipes—these are beloved classics eaten all over India selected specifically for people used to American food. Think Masala Chicken Wings, Chickpea-Roasted Garlic Fries, Potato and Chickpea Burger, White Chicken Curry Pot Pie and so much more.

Masala & Meatballs is packed with surprising recipes that are bursting with flavor, masterful photography and heartfelt stories of growing up in India and then raising a family in the United States. With each turn of the page you’ll expand your palate, boost your cooking bravado and experience a whole new thrilling world of flavors.



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Категория: Cooking  (12 Янв 18)
Теги: Indian cuisine, American food, Recipes, cooking, Flavor, Delicious
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