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Итальянский язык для начинающих за 7 уроков (2012) 

Система Норбекова. Тренировка интуиции. 

Хольм Ирина - Волшебные Техники Симорона (2014) WEBRip 

English. Сверхпамять (2007) mp4 

Работа с CMS в Adobe Photoshop (2017) PCRec 

Stephen Rhodes - Pure Tranquility(2001) 

Kevin Kern - Embracing the Wind (2001) 

VA - 2018 Grammy Nominees (2018) 

Celine Dion - Loved Me Back to Life. 

Claude Ciari & Francis Goya - Soft Guitars (2013) 

Секреты полиглота.как без труда запомнить 5 языков.

Хаггард Генри Райдер - Ледяные боги.(mp3,64 kbps)

Лукьяненко Сергей, Тырин Михаил - Пограничье 3. Самоволка (mp3,64 kbps)

Психологическое влияние.

"Харизма." Леонид Каганов


Главная » Статьи » BOOKS » Robotics

What Robots Can and Can’t Be

Название: What Robots Can and Can’t Be
Автор: Selmer Bringsjord
Издательство: Springer
Год: 1992
Формат: PDF
Размер: 30 Мб 
Язык: английский / English

Ments be thrown to the wind - in light of the fact that careful, precise, step-by-step deductive arguments will be presented below for each and every proposition that might be cavalierly regarded prima facie implausible. Key Theses So, to put it colloquially, I think we're headed toward real­ izing Blade Runner, a classic sci fi movie in which only an elaborate pupil-scanner (which detects the usual physiolog­ ical correlate to an emotional response to provocative ques­ tions) enables one to distinguish androids from humans. And Blade Runner turned real, it seems to me, will be the Age of The Philosopher. Qualia Scanner Pupils undilated! Why? Well, to start, this will be an era within which the so-called "problem of other minds" will be especially pointed, because the sort of question frequently posed by in­ structors in introductory philosophy courses, namely How do you know, really know, that the person next to you isn't just a robot, that underneath her "skull" hums a complicated silicon device instead of a flesh-and-blood human brain?


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Категория: Robotics  (25 Июл 17)
Теги: Androids, Robots, human brain, silicon device
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